Hiring a limo at the wedding

Hiring a limo at the wedding

Organizing a wedding is a hard job. You have to make sure that everything looks perfect in that special days when a couple unites their destinies forever. This is why some people start planning their wedding months ahead. The wedding gown, the rings, the location, everything must be perfect.

limo at the weddingTransporting your guests to the wedding is a tough job, and you have to plan it properly. When there are about four months to the big event, it is time for you to decide how you’ll transport your guests. If you’re getting married around the high school prom season, you should make sure that you make the reservation even sooner. The high-class limos will be in demand. We got this tip from Limo Columbia who tell us that each year people planning weddings forget about prom season.

First of all, you should decide who you’ll ensure the transportation for. Make a quick head count for the family members and important guests. You should make sure that everyone can find a quick, comfortable mean of transportation for your big event. It would be a nice gesture to provide transportation for people that are traveling long distances for your special event.

A stretch limo can host eight to ten people, a normal limo around six and a car town usually can transport four people (including the driver). Remember that you don’t have to ensure the transportation for the whole party.

There are three important rides that the freshly weds and their party need to consider when planning the perfect wedding. First of all, there’s the ride to the ceremony. The groom and bride usually travel separately. Usually the bride prefers to ride with her family, having the last conversation with her parents before the big event.

After the vows, the bride and groom should head to the reception of their wedding alone, to share the first moments of their new life together in a fancy limo, that’s decorated with white balloons and pretty flower arrangements, with champagne and romantic music.

The limos that are transporting the relatives and the closest friends should follow the fancy limo that the bride and groom are taking.

There are many companies that offer limo service transportation. They usually charge by the hour, so make sure that you make an accurate approximation of the duration from the pick up at the ceremony until arriving at the reception of your wedding. Most of limo renting companies have freebies for the weddings, so make sure that you ask for them.

Take your time to analyze the offers and choose the one that suits your needs the best. Check their websites for reviews and do not be afraid to ask questions.  Include everything in the written contract: date, duration of the rental and the numbers of vehicles that you are renting. Make sure nothing from the verbal contract disappears from the written contract. Also, you must have a map ready for each driver and do not try to over-crowd the limos. It is uncomfortable for a driver to refuse you and it surely is uncomfortable for the guests taking that limo.

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